My current trip to Ghana brings me once again to the SOS Hermann-Gmeiner International College. I can already feel the joyful anticipation of meeting and talking to local students and other young and talented people (Africa’s generation of the future) on the plane.

Every time I’m here I am amazed by the power and the vast inventiveness of these teenagers. A power that is worth every form of support during the development. Ideas that bring the country further and further.

SJust within the last year, numerous of those have become reality. That’s the first thing I realize after my arrival. Accra’s new airport greets me with an up-to-date look. I’m impressed how much has changed in such a short time. While driving to the SOS Children’s Village I see more amazing things: A brand new, well developed highway instead of the typical African roads with potholes and bumps to which I grew accustomed over the last years. Suddenly, there are way more cars and therefore way more traffic jams. Besides many of the older, smaller cars also a lot of modern SUVs enjoy the non-existent speed limits. On both sides of the highway, many construction sites can be seen and in between those also giant new shopping malls. Ghana seems to be doing great. You can feel the fresh breeze, a hint of newly gained wealth.

A lot of it surely comes from the new generation. Today’s youth is more connected and takes ideas and innovations of the world economy simply into their country. Entrepreneurship becomes a bigger part of day-to-day life. Even international investors let money flow into the country because they see Ghana as a new market and an opportunity for development and progress. More money also means more jobs. People in Ghana get more work, more money and therefore the chance to spend it.

Ghanaians, who have studied or worked abroad, become more and more attracted by their motherland again. They come home and want to become a part of this new development, too.

I’m certain that these developments in Ghana will keep astonishing me over the next couple of days and I will certainly keep you posted about them…S

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