Children in Africa go to school against all odds

In Africa, the basic right to education often has to give in to life-threatening conditions, such as diseases, war, crises or massive endangerments on the way to school: school children in Kenya, who were attacked by the police with tear gas, just because they demonstrated against the construction of a hotel’s parking lot on the site of their school’s playground. More than 200 girls, who were kidnapped by terrorists from their boarding school in Nigeria and haven’t been found since, or primary pupils, who live in mountain and desert areas, and have to walk more than 4 hours every day to get to their schools. A little girl, who walks 4 hours to get to her school, because there’s no closer one to where she lives.Tanzgruppe aus dem SOS-Kinderdorf


Shocking stories, even in 2015! And yet it is the year in which the UN had hoped to have reached their eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were agreed upon in 2000.

Goal 2 says: achieve universal primary education!.

 The latest news and official numbers show with the utmost rigor, how far away we are from achieving this.

How much more time, energy and progress may still be required to really reaching this goal on the global scale. However, they also demonstrate the importance of keeping working toward it.Sierra Leone_SL_Freetown_Foto_Jeanne Mukaruhogo_small

With our focus on the basic rights for the children: so that each and every child gets the chance to learn, to know, to grow; so that each and every child is able to discover and develop its abilities and possibilities; so that each and every child can do its share on its way to make our world a more civilized, happier and valuable place for all of us.


Good news is helpful with this; like those from Guinea: after six long months of dealing with the Ebola crisis, schools finally opened their doors again. Liberia will follow shortly. Hopefully, Sierra Leone will get the all-clear and be able to catch up in the short-term.


For all the boys and girls in Guinea, this is finally coming out of the isolation, finally finding a daily routine again and finally being able to go to school again. Mathematics, writing, reading, history. Even though, after all these horrible experiences, losses and traumatization that the Ebola virus has caused in their hearts: many have to recover the strength, focus and motivation to deal with school. However, the outlook on a regular school routine drives on. Against all odds – with the driving force of the most inner dream:

the main thing, school! Malawi_SL_Lilongwe_Foto_Jennifer van Wyk_44724_small

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