In the last two years, Nigeria lost over 200 young girls while they were striving for their education. Those girls were pulled out from their class rooms and taken hostage. Up till today, their parents haven’t seen them again and they are in mourning. Let us think of the girls and hope they will return back home someday.

The National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria sent us a message on behalf of the SOS families. Please see the message below:

“We strongly condemn the atrocious use of children as suicide bombers in the North East of Nigeria, these grave situation are the most shocking violations of the rights of children, especially as it relate to their education, protection and total well-being. The incitement and recruitment of children to become suicide bombers is grossly illegal and completely unprecedented in our history as a nation; it constitutes the highest crime known to mankind and we join our voice to that of the entire nation and the world to condemn it. We call on State Governments and House of Assemblies yet to domesticate the Child’s Right Act, to without further delay domesticate and commence the implementation of the Law to help forestall this wicked and dastardly action against children”

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