Uganda has recently elected a new president. It’s the same one like all the years before. With a majority of 61 % of all votes, Yoweri Museveni starts his 31st year in office. A very long time …way too long! Several reports mention hatched riots in front of the polling stations to discourage voters from casting their votes. Others report that the ballot boxes were blocked, so that there was only one candidate left to vote for… International election observers have confirmed irregularities on several occasions.

Despite all contradictions, the outcome of the election wasn’t questioned, but officially acknowledged. Sounds like a story we heard of before. Fact is, however: It happens again and again. Consequently, the people of Uganda have to accept once more the insignificance of their election, which doesn’t give them a choice after all.

Bild: Jeanne Mukaruhogo

Bild: Jeanne Mukaruhogo










Furthermore, shocking news of unbelievable cruelties is reported in the battle for power and domination, wealth and success. These have been a terrible reality way too long: human sacrifices. The Voodoo-Religion, which is deeply rooted in Uganda, even promises more luck when children are sacrificed to the gods. Traditions, which expect such inhuman actions, are simply cruel. And even crueler is the certainty that children are abducted, mutilated and killed in Uganda for this purpose. The realization, that something like that is even possible and real, is unbelievably cruel… And that is exactly why it is so urgently necessary, so essential, so imperative that NGOs from all over the world – like the SOS Children’s Villages in Uganda – stand side by side here and advocate again and again: for the unconditional protection, help and rights of children. For this mission we need all the help we can get. We mustn’t ever cease to do so.

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