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What forces are driving Africa at the beginning of the 21st century? What does the future hold in store for Africa and what prejudices does Africa have to cope with? How strong is the young generation?

These are the questions “With Jeanne across Africa” is devoted to. Jeanne Mukaruhogo, the Spokesperson on SOS-Programmes in Africa, takes us on a journey across her home continent. And even though she is currently living in Munich, her job and her passion for Africa have led her back there time and time again.

In this weblog, she gives her own and positive view on present-day Africa. Jeanne Mukaruhogo reports on the work of the SOS Children’s Villages, which have been operating there for 43 years, as well as on the life of the people living in Africa. At the same time, she raises critical questions and describes the role played by the economy and what development aid can really achieve.

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