This special day has been established in 1997. A woman from the USA wanted to honor her siblings this way and always commemorate them after her sister as well as her brother have unfortunately died way too early in accidents. That’s how April 10th has become a worldwide holiday day on which we grant our most important allies in life – our siblings, special appreciation and attention.

I have eight biological siblings in Burundi myself – seven brothers and one sister. SThere are also 50 more, which I met, learned to love and appreciate in the world of SOS Children’s Villages. Today I know that this is one great gift! However, we often fought and mocked each other during our childhood just like most siblings. But that’s just natural. Nowadays as adults we especially laugh about it together…

Some siblings have besides being related to another, very special relationship – twins for example. Some I met here at SOS Children’s Village Tema in Ghana. Like Cecilia and Francisca, who I met during one of my first trips to Ghana ten years ago. Two adorable girls, who probably just survived because they found a home here in the SOS Children’s Village Tema. Because in Ghana, the birth of twins or multiple birth is seen as a bad omen. That’s why those children are even today abandoned by their parents or one of the twins will be left to die after birth. SThe stories which Cecilia and Francisca’s SOS Mother told me about it, really shocked me and still shake me till today. That’s how I came to understand particularly why there are so many twins and triplets in the SOS Children’s Villages Ghana. It’s simply a protection for survival. S

When I paid the two girls a visit a couple of days ago, they told me enthusiastically about their day-to-day life in school and their SOS Family, showed me proudly their room and they were of one mind and one heart. Cecilia and Francisca grew up to become two beautiful and charming young women over the ten years.

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