Before I go on a trip to Africa, I always get asked the same question: What kind of food do they eat there? And each time I’m surprised, how much and with what enthusiasm I can talk about it…

It wasn’t any different with my current stay in Sierra Leone:

Whilst we are staying here, my colleagues and I take every opportunity to get to know the country and locals a little better.

Living in Europe, it is difficult to imagine that there is a wide assortment of food even in crisis areas. It is with joy to say that since we are here, we always return to our accommodations every day with a full stomach and a wonderful taste in our mouths.

The capital of Sierra Leone is located at the Atlantic Ocean and like every seaside trading city, Freetown gets its culinary treasure from there…fisher

Each time we enter a restaurant, the place is already filled with promising, mouth-watering scents of seafood, spices and herbs flowing out from the kitchens and we are welcomed by a chalkboard with the handwritten message „Catch of the Day“ on it.

Especially my colleagues are every time anew curious about the fresh surprises from the seas. Lobster? Snapper? Other exotic kinds of fish? Nope. The day’s special is always the same: BARRACUDA!

That one is the only true celebrity on the plates in Freetown. Although the ocean is filled with various species of seafood, this particular predator defeats its pole position. And the various dishes it is served as make it a culinary experience every time. You can get it grilled, cooked, filleted, stewed or wrapped in manioc leaves…







Our stay has thus become some kind of barracuda adventure trip, which my colleagues – literally – savour bite by bite…;-)

I myself choose the adventure some way and like to try all the other culinary heroes of the sea as well: lobster and prawns. Simple prepared – simply delicious!!!lob2

And what is the canteen of the SOS HERMANN GMEINER SCHOOL FREETOWN serving today: Chicken skewer, potato and manioc stew as well as filleted snapper. Incredibly delicious and affectionately prepared.


Bon appetit – eat en bet jul  from Sierra Leone! ;-)!

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