This baby is a blessing for the SOS Children’s Village Monrovia. And I mean literally, because her name is actually Blessing. She was born less than a week ago and arrived at the SOS Children’s Village a couple of days after. S

Almost every person in the Village was up to great her, the new inhabitant. Me too! I was fascinated by her charisma – Blessing seemed happy and calm – and I was even allowed to cradle her in my arms. It was so touching, a really moving moment. SAfter all these months, in which the Ebola-Virus dramatized the country, when every contact could have ended deadly, when whole families had been isolated and many people had to accept tragic losses, the epidemic is now finally under control and people can heave a sigh of relief and have a normal life again. Liberia has been revived! The new hope and euphoric mood can be sensed in the SOS Children’s Village as well: During the Ebola crisis, the people here stood side by side, supported each other and fought against the infection with Ebola. And they succeeded!


Hand in hand, the whole SOS Family refurbished the Children’s Village in Monrovia from scratch. After 37 years, this was really necessary to make sure, all children and SOS Mothers can enjoy a caring and lovely home. The Mothers in particular are grateful for every help they get from SOS Friends. „We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without all the external help“, they assured me at the re-opening.


Naturally, this was cause for a huge celebration – with the SOS Family, neighbors, friends and a few official guests from Liberia’s secretaries as well. Intense conversations took place – about the hard time during the threat from the Ebola Fever, about the grief caused by the loss of beloved people but also about the happy moments, when the country was again able to respire and take a fresh start. And, of course, there was a lot of singing, dancing and laughing.


The most beautiful thing to me in these days is, to see how people finally embrace each other again, touch each other and will be touched.

That’s simply what life is about.

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