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“I want to feel that I am loved!”

Sitting alone in a corner, Malek* looked sad and scared. He could barely lift his head up to face the passing people. His clothes were all ripped. His nails, hands, teeth, and hair were all damaged.There was a finger missing from his … Continue reading

An apple and some kisses

One waked up under the sky of a city where the light of the sun tries so hard to fade out the pitch darkness of the night, and the remnants of black smoke carrying the fear of children who cried … Continue reading

A flower can’t live in the darkness

Behind the black walls of a half-finished building, the heart of a little girl called Nour is buried. Her Namein Arabic means “Light” yet she’s fading into the shadows as the days go by. As we talk under the Lattakia sun, her … Continue reading

I would plant all those trees all over again…”

A long time ago, back when the sun still shone peacefully on the northern countryside of Aleppo, lived a then-young man who owned a little roadside watermelon shop – watermelons that he planted, watered and took care of with his … Continue reading

A sparkle of Christmas in Damascus

Christmas just knocked on the doors of Damascus city, in a land far away in the east, the like of which we cannot find with the same characters in the world today. Its markets have been known far and wide, … Continue reading

Happiness in the time of war

Abeer Pamuk, guest author from Syria The Syrian capital Damascus is nicknamed the “City of Jasmine”. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, it has an estimated population of 1,7 million. The people of Damascus have suffered from … Continue reading

Back to school

Just a few minutes after I had written the text below, I got the following news: Two car bombs had exploded in the city of Homs – 45 children killed. Their right to go to school? Their right to life? … Continue reading

During Ramadan, it’s all about Family

During the year, we live our special moments and days, whether they’re good, productive, ordinary or even bad. They all impact our minds and memories. But as humans we feel a different impact when these moments occur during a seasonal … Continue reading

The most innocent reaction since the beginning of the war

A few days ago I was sitting in my office busy with a lot of office work. My desk was full of piles of paper. I didn’t even know what they were anymore. I received an email from Abeer, one … Continue reading

Art for Peace: ‘Little Dreams’

Art has traditionally played a role in documenting remarkable phases in human history. It speaks a universal language, brings down barriers, and transmits a resounding message across the world. SOS Children’s Villages Syria has been holding art workshops at the … Continue reading