‟For every child a loving home!” In an effort to turn this vision into reality, co-workers from SOS Children’s Villages around the world are helping girls and boys in need. They do so with passion, with professionalism, and often with enormous personal commitment – because they live in the countries in which they help. In this blog they talk about the children whom they are helping, but also about the countries they call home. It’s a blog about children and cultures.

Rasha Muhrez, Syrien

Rasha Muhrez

Rasha Muhrez coordinates the SOS Children’s Villages Emergency Response Programme in Syria.

Rasha Muhrez is a 31-year-old management economist from Damascus who for many years combined her job with a passion for travelling. As a financial advisor in the SOS Children’s Villages Regional Office in Cairo, she discovered many other cultures and countries. Then the Syrian civil war started, and Rasha felt an urgent need to help the people in her home country. She returned to Syria and began providing emergency assistance to victims of the violence. With her small team she has already managed to help 70,000 children and their parents. A year ago, Rasha gave up all her other SOS responsibilities and is now the official coordinator of SOS Children’s Villages’ Syria Emergency Relief programme. It’s a huge challenge, on both a personal and professional level. Rasha’s biggest reward comes though, she says, when she sees the glimmer of a smile on a child’s sad face. That’s why she does what she does.