During Ramadan, it’s all about Family


Salma Hakki, guest author from Syria

During the year, we live our special moments and days, whether they’re good, productive, ordinary or even bad. They all impact our minds and memories. But as humans we feel a different impact when these moments occur during a seasonal and spiritual period like the month of Ramadan.

Especially during this horrible war, Ramadan is more than important for us. It is a month during which people learn more about patience, and giving and feeling for unfortunate people, but most importantly it’s about appreciating family relations and strengthening them through small actions.

Families at SOS Children’s Villages in Syria spend their blessing time all together and live their special moments by undertaking many small actions related to the spirit of Ramadan. Celebrating Ramadan in wartime means celebrating life itself.

Unfortunately, Ramadan in Syria this year came in the summer, which meant fasting during very hot weather, so most of the time children played with each other or did activities in their own houses.

But the mothers had their own plans and wanted to really take positive advantage of Ramadan to teach the children more about this month and the reasons for calling it the month of blessings. So, every day they came up with activities, to teach them how to become better and do good.

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