My Role Models

For me SOS is a voluminous novel containing so many chapters, characters Flutura_MiniPic_england human history of the most diverse of natures. SOS is also a skyscraper. As a child you have to go through so many stairs and floors, until you reach the top.

That is the moment when you choose to be grateful for the life you lived and experienced. That’s where I stand now!

You may all know what SOS is, but what you probably don’t know is that you can find treasures over there – The kind of treasures that express all their potential by constructing our personalities. Day in and day out, year after year, they carried that invincible spirit.


My friends, the Youth Leaders and me – a team!

When you have gone out and lived your independent life away from SOS, you’ll look back and there they’ll be.

It has always been them! I am so proud of who I am becoming thanks to their contributions to my life. I would have loved to mention all the staff members of SOS Children’s Village Albania, but right now the dearest to my heart are the Youth Leaders of “Youth Facility nr. 1” program in Tirana, Albania.

“Nik thank you for being a hero. I used to call you “My second Dad” but I am not going to use that phrase anymore. Because actually, you have always been the number one!


I used to call Nic my second dad, but actually he always has been number one.

My Lumi, as years go by, in my eyes you’re still the most attractive Dame, with a brilliant noble heart!

Jonush, I still crave the lessons of love, beauty, life and everything we both shared within a Hug!

Aida, thank you for the unconditional care. Your simplicity still remains my favorite!

Oh and Majli, unfortunately you have moved to another SOS Program but you are deeply missed. I love you for the long sincere conversations we had! “

So, I have presented you with my Role Models in life – they all should be honored with gold medals.

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