What we do to help parents deal respectfully with their children

It is every parent’s wish to raise a child well with respect and to give the child a MiniPic_Helenabright future. Back in the day, parents believed that when raising a child, you needed to beat them up in order to get them to be obedient and respectful. Oh YES! It was like that for me too. We always used to get beaten up when we had done something wrong. What I believe to have been and to still be one of the contributing factors for this is that our parents did not have information about good parenting and were not educated. Many parents today lose their children because the children get tired of being beaten up and run away from the family home. Such circumstances destroy the future of the child.

In parenting workshops the mothers and fathers learn how they can best raise their children.

In parenting workshops the participants learn how they can best raise their children.

Nowadays, children are protected and can be raised in a good way because parents are now being given parenting / child safeguarding workshops that educate them on how they can best raise their children without hurting them. This kind of information also aims to break cultural beliefs of thinking that beating is a way of teaching a child. The safety of children is SOS’s priority. Therefore, SOS gives the necessary information to parents so that they understand that child abuse is not accepted and that it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure children are not abused. The FSP caregivers are learning a lot on parenting, journey of life, and child safe-guarding issues. Children are also being given lessons on children’s rights. Participating in these lessons helps them to know where to report if they find themselves in abusive situations and they also learn to be responsible young people. This, we believe, will make a positive contribution towards their future.

With the information provided to parents so far, the team has seen that things in the community have improved because abuse cases are now being reported. The team will continue providing more information to the community. It is our wish that children will be allowed to be children and that they enjoy their childhood. No child should suffer from any type of abuse in the hands of their loved ones in this world.

Let us protect children for them to have a good future and let us not forget that these children are the leaders of tomorrow. Children need to grow with LOVE, CARE, RESPECT and SECURITY and it is us the grown-ups who are supposed to provide all this for them.

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