Beauty in Nature, Happiness in Beauty and Health in Happiness

It is one of the hottest months of the year in India.  Temperatures have risen Tsering_MiniPic2-englbeyond 40 degrees Celsius.  Many people place out food on their verandas or on the roadside for stray dogs and pigeons. We also place food and water on our terrace for the birds to have something to eat and drink so they won’t die of thirst or hunger.   Everybody is talking about the hot weather.  I feel very sad when my plants are dying because of the heat.

Pfau in Indien

Every morning my husband feeds the birds on our terrace. This morning  peacock came.

Then I receive an email from my colleague, Simone, regarding my next blogpost.  Her email says: In Germany, summer is coming. It is green everywhere and there are lots flowers.   For a moment my memory goes back to the time we spent together in Holland. I am taken back to the lots of greenery and to the wide variety of flowers we saw – especially on our visit to Keukenhof.  Simply thinking of such views carries a soothing smile from my soul to my face.

I had to write my article for the blog and was thinking to myself: on what topic will it be?  Simone’s mail and my memories inspired me to write this article through which I could share some beautiful moments in my life where nature had a strong impact on my mood and on my life.

Every morning my husband feeds the birds on our terrace and does his breathing exercises.  A lot of pigeons wait for him to spread the bird-food.  It is not only the pigeons that get to enjoy the food. Other birds such as: parrots, doves, sparrows, bulbuls, crows, kites etc. are part of the flocks that come to enjoy the food and water on hot days.

Our special guests these days are: a beautiful peacock and a few peahens that visit us almost every morning.  I will be sharing some pictures of them here.  I enjoy watching them and later on looking at the pictures that I take during their visits to our terrace.  I am sure you will love them too.  My husband and I can spend hours together just watching them sitting on a tree, flying from the tree to one of the terraces around and ultimately visiting us.  Just to make them fearless, we pretend to not be looking at them when they are close to us.  The peacock will very gracefully walk to the food, eat a bit, than move to the water and back again to the eating. Sometimes when he is brushing his feathers, it looks so beautiful.  In the evening whoever gets back home first will fill up the water bowl for the thirsty birds – especially for our beautiful guest the peacock, who comes to drink before he goes away for the night.

This beautiful friend is our energy booster.  Just thinking of him reduces our stress. Normally, when we get back from work, we are both very tired, but due to the great desire to see our friend who usually comes to our terrace, we tend to forget that tiredness and go looking for him around the neighborhood on days when he does not show up.

Another incident during which I felt nature made a strong impact on my life was in the early 80s, when I was still very young. It was an afternoon in May or June when schools were closed for summer vacation. I was traveling on a local bus and the time was around 1 or 2 PM.  The temperature then was  around 45 to 46 degrees Celsius.  It was so hot and I thought I would collapse at any moment due to the heatwave and the burning sun shining through the window.  Looking out of the window, trying to keep myself busy with what was outside; my focus was drawn to the small bushes which had fresh leaves on them.  Their movements which were caused by the wind made it seem as though they were enjoying the hot gusts of the wind and they were dancing to the wind.  And I thought to myself: if these delicate leaves can survive under the direct sun with such hot winds, why can’t I?  And you will not believe the kind of confidence I got from that and soon, I had forgotten about the heat and my worries.  In no time I had reached my destination and I was perfectly fine. God, whose creations are beyond our imaginations, is great!

The beauty of nature and the happiness we find in the beauty makes us: smile, feel good, reduce stress and keep our body and mind healthy.

It is true that the environment can impact our mind, body and ultimately our health.  If we want happiness and to live a healthy life, we ought to take care of nature and try to create a positive environment.

I, for example want to say many thanks to my new colleagues who made my day very special yesterday by creating a joyful environment. I got a gift from them and on the wrapper was written: “For Sweet & Sexy Tsering”.  I really don’t know if I am that sweet but it made me feel very special.  So: nature and the environment can increase or reduce our stress in our daily life.


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