Indignation is not an answer

Erinnerung an AlexanderAlexander

His suffering ended eight months after he was born. That is when he died.

The sad story of Alexander did not begin on the day of his death. He came from a dysfunctional family – had addicted parents, lived in poverty, suffered abandonment, had no love in his short life. He was all alone in life. But everyone knew about him when he died.

This caseAutorenbild_Libertad of a baby that was taken to a state home and later died under strange circumstances was at the center of attention of local media for a whole year. Several investigations were carried out which brought to light the fact that Alexander had been abandoned. Three years have gone by since the heartbreaking day he was buried. To this day, the exact circumstances leading to his death remain unknown.


After several days in a coma – a result of the injuries sustained following beatings by her father and stepmother – Abigail died at the age of 7. The shortness of life and the length of suffering of the victim, show the helpless situations in which thousands of children find themselves in. The father and stepmother were sent to jail for grievous bodily harm and attempted murder. Abigail had a twin sister, Flor, who reported that her stepmother first hit her, causing injuries to her face and body before taking out all her anger on Abigail.

The blows might have put an end to Abigail’s life, but the injuries in her heart were surely much deeper. Their mother had last seen her daughters six months before. She moved away to another country. The father had denied her a relationship with her daughters.

Indignation is not enough

Cases like these seem to confirm that in Bolivia some children need to die first before they can exist. Violence, neglect and abuse are the common denominators in situations where rights are violated, opportunities are denied and voices are silenced.

According to data from the State Attorney General’s Office, there are 34 cases of infanticide per year in Bolivia.Violence against children, neglect and abuse happen to thousands on a daily basis. In the face of this, indignation is not an answer.

We have got to act now in order to change this. That’s what I am committing myself to!

We have got to help children in need, work with families, and stop the vicious circle.

We cannot afford to wait a day longer!

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