The kids club is making an impact

Kids Club

Every Friday children come to the Kids Club. We do a lot of activities with them.

It is every leader’s desire to educate the children in their community so that MiniPic_Helenathey will be good and responsible people in the future. Ondangwa Social centre is therefore running a kids club where we meet with children every Friday. The children are placed into three groups, namely: the lower primary, upper primary and youth. This is done to make it easy to work with them and to make sure that they are comfortable.

A strong bond with the kids and youth

Volunteers at the center rotate between working with children or the youth every Friday. We do a lot of activities as we aim to educate the children to be better people in their community. Through these activities, we have created a very strong bond with them. Topics and issues that build or destroy young people’s lives are discussed on this platform. Alcoholism for example is a major challenge among youths in Namibia. We give information and encourage the participants to stay away from alcohol and other activities that could be harmful to them.

Jugendliche schreiben

We aim to educate the children to be better people in their community.

Excursions on the weekend

We have established a spelling and debating club with children from grade 7 to 12, and also career guidance sessions with the children because education is the key to a good future. The youths are also using the center as a place to study or they simply come to use the computers to do their assignments or to research on matters related to their school subjects. Sometimes on the weekends we arrange excursions with the children and youths to expose them to various issues that affect their lives.

So many parents have communicated to the team that what their children are being taught at the club is really making an impact as their behavior has drastically improved and there have been improvements in their academics. These words from the parents have been a source of encouragement for us and we will continue with the activities as they are definitely benefiting the leaders of tomorrow.


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