Education Day: What children from SOS Children’s Village Tirana are doing today

We played together, laughed, argued, exchanged secrets and suddenly Flutura_MiniPic_englwe were grown up. My friends from SOS Children’s Village Tirana still accompany me today, some are studying, like me, or have already graduated from university. On Education Day on the 08th of December I would like to introduce you to some of them.

A strong will – ALFRED MUHARREMI, 26 years old

Alfred Muharremi is working as credit analyst

Alfred is working as a Credit Analyst.

To me, Alfred is the living proof of a success story in SOS Albania – willing and persistent in his quest to make his dreams a reality ever since he was very young.

He was a little child when he came to SOS- now he is married, has finished his postgraduate studies and is working as a Credit Analyst at “Credins Bank” in Albania. On a voluntary basis, he leads the philanthropic programs of a Non-profit Organization in Albania that aims to help children and families that are underprivileged.  Alfred says: “I definitely imagine myself working for SOS in the future – in the place where I never felt the absence of love and care”.


A lot of positive energy – ERIDA BAJRAMI, 21 years old

Erida Bajrami

Erida is studying Psychology.

Erida and I have been friends since we were children – we went to school together. Currently, Erida is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology at the European University of Tirana and has also applied for a part-time job at Tirana International Airport.

Characterized by positive energy, she says that sometimes, when she considers the few opportunities currently available in Albania, she has thoughts of moving abroad with her fiancé.

 “…but the most important thing in life for me is to have a happy family, to see that my little brother is accomplished in both his career and personally.” She says. Her aspiration for the future is to open her own Therapy Office.

All the necessary things for my son – ARLINDA CELA, 24 years old

Arlinda ist mother of a son

Arlinda gave birth to her first child in September.

Arlinda has been living with her husband for more than 4 years now. She finished her studies in Industrial Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and is currently on her maternity leave because she gave birth to her first son, Enuar, in September.

Arlinda used to work in the Customer Care department at “Megatek” Hypermaket. “I am hoping to find a job after my maternity leave. The one that I had before paid enough for me, but being a mother gives me the urge and strength to look for a better Job.”

Arlinda herself was two years old when she came to the SOS Children’s Village Tirana. What she wishes for her son is that “he will have all the necessary things in life”. 

Even better than today – DANJELA ZEFI, 21 years old

Danjela schaut optimistisch in die Zukunft

Danjela is optimistic about the future

Danjela and I grew up together in SOS Children’s Village Albania and I am happy that we still maintain the same precious relationship we have had since then.

Danjela won a Scholarship to study “Public Relations and Communication” at the European University of Tirana and is now in the 3rd year of her studies. She says: “It is still unclear what my future career will be, but I would be happy if I could belong to the big media family. “

She is in the second year of the Semi-Independence Program and hopes to one day live in a big house with her beloved younger siblings. “Only then would I be satisfied. Because I believe, I firmly believe that everything will be better than it currently is!” she says.

Forever siblings – XHIMI GEGA and BLERTA SHESHI, 24 years old

Xhimi studiert

Xhimi wants to open a Business.

Blerta zieht bald mit ihrem Freund zusammen

Blerta is planning to cohabit with her fiancé.

Xhimi and Blerta were the first babies to be welcomed to SOS Children’s Village Albania in 1996. From the first day to today, they have a very strong, inspiring “brother – sister” relationship.

Xhimi is now 24 years old and has finished studying at the Professional High School of Economics. He is currently on the Semi-Independence living program and is working as a waiter in a bar. “I see myself as an Entrepreneur in the future. I want to open a business”, he says. 

Blerta has just graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in Aquaculture Engineering with excellent results and is looking forward to starting to work. She explains: “I have put all of my dedication and hard work in my studies for many years and I feel confident and ambitious to continue on the path of education and gain employment in my field of studies.”

She will soon complete the Semi-Independence living program and is planning to cohabit with her fiancé. Blerta has always had the vision of having a family of her own.

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