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youth club

In the Youth Club the young people take part in a lot of different activities and learn about life.

For many youngsters the SOS Youth Club is an important place. They have the chance Flutura_MiniPic_englto take part in different socio-cultural activities, get help on socialization, generate new ideas, develop their talents, communicate, meet, work together – find their place in life.

When I met some of the beneficiaries I was amazed by their energy and vitality, by their great desire to be someone with ambitions and aspirations for the future. One thing was clear: They felt they were in the right place, getting the right support. Here is what some of them are saying:

The youth received their English course certificates

The youth received their English course certificates

Morena Doku: “I come into the Youth Center during the summer months. Everything is very enjoyable here. I treasure the new friendships the most!”

Ledia Deliu: “I truly enjoy every group-activity we do. I also feel this will help me discover myself and to figure out what I want to do in the future.”

Mariglen Visha: “I like the Training & the English course. I’m so grateful to the Youth Club”.

Than there was Melanie Doku, whose eyes were bright with affection and who had a smiling face – she reminded me of myself. She said: “The Youth Club is definitely the best choice for me. I feel organized in every aspect. I feel free to express myself and to accept others without prejudices….The Youth club, in one way or another, is helping us all become more socialized.”

Majlinda Jajaj, the social worker of the Youth Club, was smiling while the youth were talking. You could see how happy and proud she was. She says: “I remember how timid they were at first…and look at their energy now! They have all changed their perspectives, mindset, dreams, and even the way they dress. Their participation is positively reflected in everything they do here at the center.”




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