My journey towards youth empowerment

My personal mission is to grow by learning, to expand my knowledgeFlutura_MiniPic_engl on youth issues, to promote human rights and to focus on integrating young people into their immediate personal and professional spheres. My strong motivation stems from my experiences growing up in the harmonious SOS Children Village in Albania which was full of diversity.


Me and some SOS children during a social project called “My day my way”.

Metaphorically I would say SOS is the deepest roots of a tree, because that is where I learned to be grounded. Those roots taught me the importance of being an “advocate”, right from the time I was trying to realize my childhood hopes to the time I had to face the real challenges of life as an adult.

I am a strong believer that human rights of all persons must be respected, protected and fulfilled. For this reason I have ensured to educate myself further on this subject by taking part in trainings, seminars and workshops that are held on the topics of children’s and minorities’ rights, discrimination, sexual education, stereotypes, women empowerment, marginalized communities, youth employment and participation etc. I am proud to say that I am a member of various NGOs that address youth issues and fight to solve them. I do peer-to-peer training as I aspire to inform, empower and encourage. I am a mentor and trainer on social projects that aim to develop the marginalized communities with particular focus on young people with limited opportunities. I represent a journey that expresses human values and principles and my goal is to achieve nothing other than inspiring and motivating more young people to be great citizens of the world.

It gives me such great joy to be able to make a contribution to the society as it gives me an opportunity to express my gratitude to those that supported me as I was growing up. With my kind and gentle nature, I see myself working with children and young people in the future because I believe they are the ones who can bring change. If they are allowed to express their thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions, it encourages them and increases the possibility of them one day becoming active young adults as I am today!

Time and again my heart beats for a tolerant society and peaceful coexistence. That’s because: if you have loved the roots of a tree so much, you will also love all the trees around you…

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