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Bedtime story

When Anna and Maxim came to the SOS Children’s Village Kandalaksha, they trusted nobody. Slowly they opened up to SOS-mother Galina Continue reading

My journey towards youth empowerment

When I grew up in SOS Children’s Village Albania I was trusted and helped to become the person I am today. Now it’s my part to help other young people. Continue reading

An open door

Saara Kalumbo was close to ending up without any education. Now she is just about to complete her bachelor studies. Continue reading

Female leadership at its best

Leonie is a natural female leader. She uses her energy to empower young people. Continue reading

Good luck, Laxmi!

Laxmi and her family were in very bad conditions, when we first met them. With the help of SOS Family Strengthening they are able now to stand on their own feet again. They don’t need us any more! Continue reading

Discover yourself in the Youth Club

In the SOS-Youth Club Young People from Albania find help in many ways. They take part in many activities and have the Chance to find their place in live. Continue reading

No magic pill but the help to cope with your problems yourself

The Family Strengthening Program of SOS Children’s Villages in Kandalaksha help families in need to overcome their problems. Continue reading

Indeed a Human Mission

In Albania SOS Children’s Villages opened a new center to help young people. Continue reading

Finally back home

In Bolivia lots of poor parents bring their children to children’s homes because they cannot feed them. SOS Children’s Village reunifies those families and help them to raise a stable income. Continue reading

Education Day: What children from SOS Children’s Village Tirana are doing today

A lot of my friends from SOS Children’s Vilage Tirana are studying or graduated from University. On Education Day I would like to introduce you to some of them. Continue reading