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Busy finding my way – exciting weeks in Berlin

For one month I have been to Berlin to join the SOS team. I could reach all my goals: practising German, learning more about the SOS structures there and getting involved in the program “Straßenspiele”. Continue reading

Brutality of the street

By the time I started working in our office, our receptionist had already taken care of three generations of kittens and was already on the fourth generation! The kittens were named Kaalu (Blacky), Kittu (Gray), Browny.  They were our stress … Continue reading

A child inside an adult’s body

Sometimes we enjoy life like little kids – precious moments! Continue reading

The kids club is making an impact

Every Friday the SOS Social Center Ondangwa runs a Kids Club: Youth and children come together, join in activities and learn about important topics like careers or abuse of alcohol. The kids love the club and also the parents are happy about it. Continue reading

Coming home for marriage

Alfred grew up in SOS Children’s Village Tirana in Albania. On June 23rd he celebrated his wedding with his SOS family and friends. It was the date of the birthday of Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS Children’s Villages. Alfred will never forget him. Continue reading

Foster families instead of orphanages

In Russia a lot of state orphanages are closing. More and more children got the chance to live in foster families. SOS Children’s Villages played an important role in this. Continue reading

Indignation is not an answer

In Bolivia every year 34 children die through infanticide. Cases like these seem to confirm that in Bolivia some children need to die first before they can exist. Indignition is not an answer. We got to act and help the children now! Continue reading

Beauty in Nature, Happiness in Beauty and Health in Happiness

Every morning my husband feeds the birds on our terrace. One morning we got a special guest: a peacock. Very often I realise that nature and the environment can reduce stress in our daily life. Continue reading

What we do to help parents deal respectfully with their children

The SOS Family Strengthening program helps parents to deal respectfully with their children. No child must be beaten or neglected. Children need to grow with love, care, respect and security. Continue reading

My Role Models

Flutura grew up in an SOS Children’s Village in Albania. Now as she is grown up she looks back full of gratefulness and respect especially for the Youth Leaders – her role models. Continue reading